10 Best Gambling Movies You Need to Watch

Gambling is an essential part of any movie. It’s the one way you can see people go through pains and joys, which makes it such a popular topic for filmmakers!

Whether they’re winning their life or losing everything, it’s great to see our favourite pastime on the big screen.

2. Rounders

1. The Deer Hunter

It is the late 1960s and conflict Vy continues to spread through Southeast Asia. The United States, worried about this regional threat force formation by its ally South Vietnam against neighbouring North Korea, gains intelligence that could help stop them – but they need someone who can get into camp charlie–the stronghold of inmate General Tet. Mau Wooful confused? He had been captured during Operationlycerin Six months earlier after leading his forces on an attempted prison break at Camp Nong Han, which ended in defeat when their plans were betrayed.

The sound of metal on metal filled the air as each person searches for something, anything to break this silence. It’s been hours since anyone has spoken, and there are now only two left alive in Russian Roulette–you’re either going down with bullets whining around your head or steel rods poking out from between teeth; it doesn’t matter which because at least then you can go home.

2. Rounders

This film about a group of people who spend their lives playing cards and betting on them went from being a favourite guilty pleasure to something that became quite popular in recent years.

All about poker, this film has our hero Mike McDermott (Matt Damon), an ex-gambler who returns to playing a high-stakes game with his friend to help pay off his buddy’s prison debts.

3. Let It Ride

The cabbie overhears his passengers talking about which horse bet on, and he heads straight down the bookies. He bets $50 first-time ever for a total of 68k!

The film is receiving mostly negative reviews with a 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. We’ve seen much worse!

4. Indecent Proposal

The couple’s luck runs out when they roll the die that brings them nothing but bad news.

Then, in walks Mr Rich (Robert Redford) with a new proposition to save the day… Look out for the lucky coin!

5. The Gambler

Gambling addiction is something that can happen to anyone. But it’s important for you not only to know the risks involved but also how your situation might affect them if they were present in this kind of environment where gambling was frequently happening or on an ongoing basis with no restrictions set apart from time constraints during which one may gamble responsibly before becoming hooked.

He is a literature professor who loves betting on football and golf, but he can’t afford to bet more. So instead of playing his favourite games for free like most people do when they want an edge over their competition or just because it’s something new that will spice up the experience; this guy borrows money from loan sharks left by loved ones as well as mobsters sitting right behind them–which leads us down journey we know all too well: The descent into debt-driven madness!

6. 21

The film is about a college student who pays for his way from trips to the casino by playing blackjack and card counting. Based on true events, this time, it’s Math Nerd Ben that gets invited into a whole team of players at school – they’re learning how teamwork works to maximize their chances against experienced poker dealers!

Each weekend, they fly out to Las Vegas, take on new identities and hit big money so that he can afford the tuition. But of course, it’s not as straightforward as that. Plenty of drama and high stakes; the casinos don’t like to lose.

7. Casino

The film is an exploration into the lives and crimes of real-life mobsters, with some fascinating characters that are brought to life by great acting.

Now a classic, it’s all about the seedy goings on in a mob-controlled casino of Las Vegas. With mafia and psychosis, deception and seduction, it’s one to watch for sure.

8. Casino Royale

The first in a series of films that would make anyone want to become an intelligence agent, Bond’s portrayal by Sean Connery is iconic. The suave and sophisticated James Bond has been seen on screen time after time again since his debut back when he was just another secret agent with a license to kill—but not without making some enemies along the way!

Set against the backdrop of Monte Carlo it oozes everything you want from a poker game – high stakes and glamour.