Junior V-Reds Basketball

The Junior Varsity Reds

“We started out with a vision and a certain expectation of what we wanted to offer in a youth program and a decade later, we’ve gathered a lot of great stories,” said Jeff Speedy, the head coach of the UNB Varsity Reds and general manager of the Junior Varsity Reds Program. “Players have had the chance to travel, play with others who may have been rivals in youth leagues and now are friends because of their Junior V-Reds experience. And we helped make them better basketball players along the way.”

The Junior Varsity Reds offer spring and early summer basketball opportunities for girls, in five different age classes; under-11, under-12, under-13, under-14, and... new in 2017... under-15.

UNB basketball alum, including the likes of Laura Fowler, Allie Chalke and Rachel Cleary have worked as coaches within the program, ensuring young players have a chance to benefit directly from athletes competing at the U SPORTS level. This also allows the younger players to develop bonds with current Varsity Reds they see on court, competing during the AUS season.
Teams play a series of exhibition games, travel to major tournaments in New England, and regionally, and host the popular "UNB School’s Out Shootout," each June.
None of the funds raised through the program go into UNB women’s basketball program. The program is designed to increase awareness of the Varsity Reds, while helping mold younger players in the region. Junior V-Reds teams from the past have included players from Saint John, Woodstock and Harvey. Teams practice two to three times a week and wear the red, black and white for approximately 16 games a season.
Looking back, Coach Speedy points to players such as Bailey Anderson, Sarah Ripley and Alison Keane of the Leo Hayes High Lions, Sarah McGeachy and Emma Blizzard, of the Fredericton High Black Kats, and Jayme Hunt and Maddy McHatten, of the Woodstock High Thunder, all former Junior V-Reds.
During the 2015-16 AUS season, Eva Tumwine became the first former Junior Varsity Red to join the Varsity Reds. For Speedy, that's special. "It’s very rewarding to have one of them in the fold and it’d be really cool to have four or five at some point, knowing that we played a part in them reaching that dream and reaching that goal.”
"We hope every member of this program go on to rewarding basketball careers, academic studies, and flourish as future community leaders,” says Speedy. “We are basketball teams, but there is a commitment to creating a program and creating good habits as a player. We see them at our games throughout the year and we get a chance to watch them on the court for their mini or bantam or high school teams. It’s a rewarding feeling to see so many of them excelling.”
Junior VReds 2017 Rosters

U11 Team
Aselin Calder
Hailey Nason
Paige Barry
Ella Simmons
Kristen Simmons
Grace Lenihan
Ava Sprague
Elian Stevenson
Rachel Seeley
Aaliyah Fiaui
Hannah Howland
Abby Quinn
Chelsea Hoyt
Meg Mombourquette
Aselin Calder
Grace McAllister
Hannah Coburn
Sophie Howland
Kallea Hamilton
Kennedy Chambers
Grace Jensen
Kristen Simmons
Isabella Quinn
Ava Fullarton
COACHES: Chelsey Collette(former Varsity Red)
                 Caroline Healy(former Varsity Red)
U12 A Team
Ava Fullarton
Brenna Maxwell
Isabella Quinn
Ava Dickson
Dara Glaspy
Bridget Lange
Reegan Kerr
Ellie Galbraith
Sophie Howland
Kallea Hamilton
Chelsea Hoyt
Anisha Anupindi
COACHES: Linda Speedy
                 Jason Dickson
                 Jeff Speedy(current Varsity Reds head coach)
Leah Buyting
Grace Jensen
Hannah Coburn
Sydney Gahan
Mya Hachey
Kennedy Chambers
Eva Hatfield
Olivia Kelly
Mya Thibodeau
Bella Wheaton
Erin Crealock
Kate MacKenzie
Meg Mombourquette
COACHES: Annika McConaghy(former Varsity Red)
                 Grace Wade(current Varsity Red)
Mattea Hansen
Michaela Hansen
Launa Laffoley
Avery Goodfellow
Clare Heese Wood
Breanna Underhill
Taylor Bourgeois
Morgan MacKenzie
Charlee Connors
Natalie Bernard
COACHES: Moe Perez(current STU asst. coach)
                 Grace Simpson(current Varsity Red)
U15 Team
Jillian Liston
Lily Orlando
Avery DeMerchant
Alex Dickson
Sydney Campbell
Bailey Howland
Kate MacLean
Mae MacLean
Hannah Wood
Alyssa Sprague
Kaleigh Lamrock
COACHES: Moe Perez(current STU asst. coach)
                 Eva Tumwine(current Varsity Red)

Our family has had two daughters involved with the UNB Junior Varsity Reds basketball program.

The experience gained and the coaching they receive during the spring and early summer program has paid dividends for both, in terms of developing skills and confidence on the basketball court.

The opportunity for the girls to be around UNB Varsity Reds coaches, players and facilities goes an awful long way.

Brad and Shelley Janes 

I can’t say enough about the positive experience we've had with the Junior Varsity Reds.

Coaches were amazing with the girls – so patient, kind and an excellent role model for the girls. We need more young women like them around our very impressionable girls!!! 

Angie Godin 
Woodstock, NB

My wife and I would like to thank you and the team that organized and coached this group of kids.

Our daughter was on a Bantam team and it's hard to put into words what a positive experience it was for her. Her progression on the court has been remarkable and the positives she'll take forward athletically will benefit her always.

The relationships she has formed, the positive influences from coaches and coping with tough competition has helped prepare her for whatever she may face in the future.

This program is a great benefit to the kids, and basketball in this area.

Thank you for all the work you put into this.

Mark and Kim Corey
Harvey, NB