UNB Hockey Partners With Liv9

UNB Hockey Partners With Liv9

(FREDERICTON, NB) The UNB Varsity Reds hockey program has entered into a partnership agreement with Liv9, a New Brunswick-based producer of nutritional supplements.

Liv9 is providing the Varsity Reds with its ‘Balance and Energy’ daily multivitamin.

“Additionally, we’ll be developing some specific formulas for in-game fueling, hydration and cramp prevention,” says Liv9 founder Greg MacFarlane.

“One of Liv9’s core focuses is helping high performance athletes, primarily through geared-to-you formulations,” says MacFarlane. “Having access to such high caliber athletes to truly get an understanding of their individual needs and receive feedback on our products is priceless.”

The Varsity Reds are recognized as one of the top university hockey programs in Canada.

They’re the defending U Sports Canada men’s hockey champions, and have won five national titles in the last decade.

UNB will host the 2017 and 2018 U Sports men’s hockey championships.

“We strive to get better every day,” says Varsity Reds head coach Gardiner MacDougall. “The Liv9 supplements will help in that effort. They’ll improve recovery time from games and intense practices, and they’ll boost our energy levels. Liv9 is another building block as our program looks to improve, every day.”

Greg MacFarlane says the Liv9 supplements will provide significant benefits to the Varsity Reds.

“They’ll restore vitamin and minerals to normal levels, where necessary. They’ll also improve energy levels during competition, and reduce muscle cramping,” he says.

Liv9’s association with the Varisty Reds is their latest with elite competitors.

The Fredericton-based company has also worked with triathletes, marathoners, and boxers over the years.

“We provide products to keep the Varsity Reds performing at their best, and in return we get access to testimonials and feedback as we develop new formulations targeting high performance athletes,” says MacFarlane.

MacFarlane, a pharmacist by trade, helped develop the Liv9 brand and product after traditional, mass produced supplements disagreed with him.

“We take our label claims very seriously,” he says. “We ensure our products meet our label claims, and design our formulas to be free of fillers, binders and contaminants.”